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Atem (AU)
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Series: Yu-Gi-Oh (Duel Monsters)
Name: Atem
Age: Over 3000 (appears to be 20)
Birthday: March 19
Gender: Female

Appearance: Atem stands at about 5’2, with tri-coloured hair in a starfish shape, golden bangs framing her face. The main part of her hair is black, with maroon tips. Her eyes are amethyst, framed with kohl. She also possesses the ears and tail of a tortoiseshell cat, as well as sharp claws, hidden under her fingernails. Her style of dress is casual, with a bit of flair, but she wears whatever is comfortable, not what fashion says is “cool”.

Personality: Atem possesses a fierce temper, and isn’t above breaking limbs if she gets seriously pissed off. But at the same time, she’s a good, loyal friend, and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for the people she loves. But watch out; if you make an enemy of her, no corner of the earth is safe. Being a former pharaoh, she does have a tendency to take charge, but will immediately apologise afterwards, because, in her mind, she's not a pharaoh anymore, and she really shouldn't be ordering people around. But she's a born leader, so she can always be counted on to keep a cool head when things get out of hand.

History: 3000 years ago, Atem was originally male, and styled to become pharaoh after his father - on his 17th birthday, Akhenamkhanen gave the throne to his son, believing him worthy of rule. Six months passed under Atem's rule without incident, and the people considered them blessed to have such a kind, wise, and good king, young though he was, and Egypt enjoyed a prosperity it had rarely seen.

Someone else, however, had other ideas. Six months after Atem took the throne, a demon by the name of Zorc rose up on the borders of Egypt, and attacked the land. Akhenamkhanen consulted with his magicians and spellcasters, and made a decision which would cost the lives of many innocent people. Ordering a slaughter at the small village of Kul Elna, the former king then had 99 souls forged into seven magical artefacts, the Millennium Items, which he then passed on to six of his most powerful advisors, saving the Millennium Puzzle for himself.

The hosts of Egypt rode to war, with Akhenamkhanen and Atem in the forefront. The defence didn't last long, however, as Zorc overrode all opposition, crushing anyone who got in his way. Akhenamkhanen was amongst the first to fall, and Atem took the puzzle from his father's dying hand, hoping to use it against the demon and turn the tide. But it wasn't to be. Zorc was far too powerful, and he cut down the opposition, one by one. In a last ditch effort, Atem sealed himself and Zorc inside the puzzle, hoping to put an end to this madness.

3000 years later, archeologists discovered Atem's tomb, and found the Millennium Puzzle, gathered together in a box. They put the puzzle together, eager to find what secrets it contained... and unleashed hell. Zorc was furious, and determined to take it out on anyone and everyone. Good thing Atem came out of the puzzle as well, and he managed to seal Zorc in the walls of his tomb, dealing with the demon once and for all. But there was a slight problem.

Atem was now a girl.

After the requisite freaking out, the archeologists took Atem back to Cairo with them, and helped the distressed boy/girl-king get used to both the modern world, and her own changes. Atem spent six months in Cairo, getting used to the massive changes which had taken place in her life, and, after that time, bade her friends farewell, and set out for parts unknown. Her travels brought her to Domino, Japan, where she settled down and made new friends, namely, Mutou Yuugi, Jounouchi Katsuya, Mazaki Anzu, Otogi Ryuuji, and Hiroto Honda. Even Kaiba Seto and Kaiba Mokuba weren't excluded from her friend making efforts (though the former wasn't as enthusiastic as the latter), and before long, she began to feel that life wasn't such a bad trot after all.

But fate loved to moon the female pharaoh. First, a mysterious force dragged her off to Econtra, a prison camp out in the middle of nowhere, where she soon discovered that she and many others were to take part in war - like it or not. Second, Zorc hadn't disappeared entirely, and before long, Atem found herself in a struggle with the demon for control of her body. For two years, on the anniversary of her sealing, she'd fought Zorc off. On the third anniversary, a scarce few months after her arrival in Econtra, the demon won, and took temporary possession of her body. The effort didn't last long, thanks to the determined efforts of her friends, and before long, Atem was back in her body, and used a spell given to her by her father to seal the demon away for good.

But it wasn't all bad. During her time in Econtra, Atem made many friends, met and fell in love with (and got engaged too), Bakura Toshi, with a promise they'd go back to her world when the war was over. Atem also found herself as part of a rather large extended family, notable members being Takion (nattering Auntie), Saeten (Uncle (and father figure to many in the compound)), Yamato (cousin, and later brother-in-law through his marriage to her brother, Bakura (AU!Thief King Bakura), and Antiform Sora (adopted son). In Econtra, Atem also acquired cat ears and a tail (the first instance thanks to poisoned food, the second instance at the request of Takion, who has the power to write things into existence), and three plushies in the form of the Egyptian Gods, thanks to her half-djinn friend Otogi, as a means of both companionship and protection against Kuroki Mio, a girl determined to cause havoc and destruction wherever she went (death being strictly outlawed in Econtra for obvious reasons). Atem also met her male double, and after the requisite brainbreaking and spazzing, the two become good friends, with the female Atem later giving up her ability to have children to save male Atem's life after being turned into a plushie one too many times (and the rather nagging problem of his being on the verge of passing on to the afterlife at the time of his arrival at Econtra, resulting in body and soul not being quite connected, a problem rectified by the wish-granting witch Yuuko).

Her newfound happiness, however, wasn't meant to last - more than a year later, Atem was sent back to her own world, where she discovered more than a year had passed since her mysterious disappearance - and that she'd lost her new appendages and plushies. But she soon readjusted to life in her own world, and despite missing her friends in Econtra, she was glad (and sad) to be home again.

A few months later, however, fate mooned her again, and before she knew it, she was back in Econtra, and shocked to discover that Toshi had all but forgotten her, reverting to the person he'd been before they got together. Atem was attempting to try and mend things with her fiance when he disappeared, leaving her alone again. She sought comfort in her friends and family, and a short while later, formed a relationship with Jing (more out of a need for companionship than true love, although she admitted to always having had a crush on him!). But the entire compound was soon put under threat when the Entropi attacked again the following March, using, amongst their many tactics, a hallucination attack to trick the residents into succumbing to death. Atem, unfortunately, was one of the few to give in to the despair brought on by the illusion, and she died in Econtra. She was given a funeral, as were the other residents who'd died during the final stages of the battle against the Entropi, and her spirit, presumably, passed on to the afterlife.

Atem, however, was as stubborn as they came, and at the gate, she insisted on being returned to life. She didn't want to die a second time, and she preferred life wherever it led her, not death brought on by a crafty enemy. The gods agreed, and Atem woke in bed in Domino, with cat ears and tail firmly intact, the God plushies at her side, and all her memories of Econtra fully intact. There was no sign of Toshi, but Atem was willing to bear that pain, hoping that her fiance would somehow find peace in his own world, and that maybe, through the kindness of the gods, would find his way to hers. But even she's ready to admit that might not be a possibility. Stubborn though she might be, she's not above having a bit of common sense.

Particulars: Atem wears the Millennium Puzzle around her neck, and it allows her access to the world of shadows. She can call the shadows to her aid to bind, attack, shield, or other various uses. Being part-cat, she also has natural feline abilities, and, like all cats, will always land on her feet. She's also a deadly shot with a bow, and fairly proficient with a sword (but she still prefers fists and claws).

Notable possessions: Three plushies in the forms of the Egyptian Gods - Ra, Osiris, and Obelisk, and a Black Magician Girl card. On rare occasions, she can merge with BMG to get additional power if her own fail her.

Disclaimer: This is a role-playing journal by atemu_girl.
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